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I would highly recommend to my family and friends that need oral surgery and/or implants to go to Dr. Braasch...I had two extractions and one implant procedure performed on me. I had "local anesthesia" for these procedures to "participate" in the experience. It may sound strange, but I thoroughly enjoyed all of it...During the whole time, Dr. Braasch was always asking me how I was doing...if everything was O.K...We took a few breaks in between phases of the extractions and implant procedure..The surgical assistants were great,...they were all genuinely concerned that I was O.K. and comfortable throughout the procedures.....I just finished my follow-up visit, checking the implants healing, torque test, and the extraction area healing, everything looked great....Thanks to Dr. Braasch and team for the GREAT professional work, extremely personable treatment that I experienced. Have a very healthy Happy New Year..!! Tks...Joe dP

- Joe d

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