Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Both of my children have had their wisdom teeth out with Dr. Moavenian and did great. I was impressed. My son is an adult and wrote his own review because his service was so excellent. So, I didn’t write a review then when I should have. Yesterday I went to Dr. Moavenian and had a whopping 3 implants placed. I cannot tell you how pleased I am. It was so quick and easy that I actually went back to work for a few hours after. I followed directions to ice and use the gauze until bleeding subsided and woke up the next day feeling like myself completely. I don’t have any swelling, pain, bruising. I did my surgery under local anesthesia and the only discomfort I felt were the first couple pin pricks of the needle for the local anesthesia, like with any dental procedure, and nothing since. I also have to comment on the professionalism of the assistants, Stephanie and Erika, that attended me. They were also very professional and supportive. Again, I can’t say enough about what a pleasant surprise this has been.

- Debra B

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